La Dangereuse Estée Lauder by Violette

La Dangereuse Estée Lauder, is the new collection of Violette, the make-up artist director of the beauty of the group.

La Dangereuse Estée Lauder : the collection

The Dangereuse Estée Lauder was launched in autumn 2018. To create the atmosphere around this collection, Violette was inspired by a woman of the 30s, in Italy, a woman who plays with a rebellious attitude, who dares and assumes her life and choices. Fiercely independent and daring ! When we discover the products and the formulas, we have a very organic and textile feel : glitter, colors reminiscent of the velvet evening gowns that women wore at this time, gold that inspire wealth and luxury.

Violette explains her pigment-rich creations with the following idea : “I wanted to create a collection that inspires women to celebrate, rather than change themselves.” This idea speaks to me a lot because makeup represents for me a true game and not a transformation. It allows to choose what we want to emphasize and especially to catch the eye !

The collection comes in nine products :

  • The loose eyeshadow powder with burning tones “Burning Star, “a magical powder so light that it floats in the air. It applies to the choice, by tapping or spreading it for two different sets of texture. “, Says Violette. This is free pigment in coppery tones.
  • The eyeshadow palettes, one in pink and cranberry tones that respond to the name of Amour, Amour, the other exalting bluish shades, being called Blue Dahlia.
  • A gloss for the eyes with holographic reflections, to wear solo or combined with make-up.
  • The “Swirling Passions” palette to create a “healthy complexion, since the diffuse pink of the blush is romantic, almost naive.” The palette combines a blush, a highlighter and a bronzer – the winning trio to have a complexion bright and fresh.
  • Pure Color Envy “Diabolique” lipstick, “a raspberry-colored metallic purple piqué, just perfect for that bite-on-bite effect that I can not do without.” A bold color on an iconic product from Estee Lauder.
  • The Deluxe Eye Pencil “Sly & Sultry” which combines an eye shadow and pencil duo to create all looks in a jiffy. Violette has developed a mixture of copper and burgundy most attractive.
  • Pure Colore Envy liquid lipsticks come in two shades : “La Dangereuse” which is a matte-textured lip lacquer with a metallic finish in deep reds with subtle violet and bluish undertones. The second shade “Naked Matte” is a beige nude matte finish that is much more discreet than the rest of the collection.

Violet “recommends focusing on either the eyes or the mouth. Explode yourself with a statement on the face, while leaving the rest very fresh and very natural.” Indeed, Violet is known for its makeup very plastic, with bold colors, feminine and modern.

La Dangereuse Estée Lauder x Violette make-up collection is now available in limited edition on, and Printemps de la Beauté.

La Dangerous Estée Lauder : My test

When I discovered the collection at Printemps Haussmann, I was amazed by the colors and textures, in addition to the name that spoke totally to my “wild” side that my friends and dance partners know well ! It was difficult for me not to be fascinated by La Dangereuse !

The collection perfectly mixes the mysterious and the fatal, the delicate feminine and the more frank seduction. The woman can have many facets with the products that Violette has developed. What I also liked is this famous touch of “VAVAVOUM” that Violette darling, this “wahou effect” that makes all the difference.

For a while, I was looking for a gloss for the eyes. I like this aquatic sensation on the eyelid : the touch of light while freshness and Violet has created the perfect product. The texture is “sticky” just right – indeed, we stay on a gloss texture, while having a light feel on the skin. The iridescent effect that the product reveals gives a very mermaid look that I love and that instantly wake up the face. Unlike other products, this gloss for the eyes does not run in the eyelid and does not drool my mascara. I think I found the Grail – and I’ll have to have a restock…!

During the animation, I wanted to test the Blue Dahlia palette that combines colors that I tend to use less. Bastien Caerou, one of the makeup artist of the brand, created me a light smokey combining gold and duck egg blue – all smoked with a blue kohl (which I directly added to my whishlist !). The result is sexy and daring, I love it ! I suddenly fall for the Blue Dahlia palette but also on Amour, Amour. In great addict of pinkish tones, plums and cranberry, this palette seemed perfect for the end of the year to play with all the colors. The palletes consist mainly of shimmery and glittery shades. Only a matte shadow for Blue Dahlia and two for Amour, Amour are part of the selection of hues. Violette often work by color block, matte transition shades are not really present in these palettes. At home, I do not mind digging into another palette to create certain looks, it’s more when I travel where I need one or two mats to work my blending – it’s the only small point that bothers me in these palettes. In addition to this remark, the formulas are ultra-pigmented, melting – all for easy application and good lasting.

Finally, I could only crush for La Dangereuse lip lacquer. As Violette so rightly said, this shade was made for me : a raspberry blue, metallic finish that allows me to highlight my lips for a definitely sexy look. The formula is extremely opaque and the foam tip allows a precise application of the product. The outfit is good – only a small patch in the center of the lips appears after drinking or eating. Although the formula is matte, it remains comfortable. However, I advise you to have hydrated your lips upstream for more flexibility.

In conclusion, Violette completely seduced me and subjugated by her collection La Dangereuse Estée Lauder. I dive with curiosity and greed into her world in which makeup is a creative art. I take pleasure in having fun with him and I will soon share a look on Youtube with these products.

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