Life in red

Life in red…A change that could surprise you since you know it…my color is pink and I often speak of “see life in pink“. Why this title then? Just because I wear jewels in the shade of fire and last weekend, I enjoyed a delicious cocktail that was titled like that.

Life in red : the look

I have already presented this dress in a previous fashion post “Believe in your dreams” that I shot in Central Park last June. Time is running out and I have fallen behind on the blog : life is manifesting and sometimes it is just not possible to manage everything at once.

This dress is accessorized completely different from the first version : she plays on a more pin up vibe with a pair of open-toe shoes with a retro look. To make the outfit look great, the OGGI jewels dress in a fiery color, purely yang, which is the energy of the moment : the time of a lion in astrology, the sun that is at its zenith, the heat wave we are experiencing for a few days…

What I like is the long necklaces which are superimposed to bring movement and texture to the look. They combine red pearls of briard,turquoise and small pearls crystal blue night. We added a pair of earrings in red enamel and small turquoise. The turquoise comes to recall the details of the necklace and makes the junction with the up and down of the silhouette. Finally, we superimposed bracelets. These last blends coral beads and red glass beads.

Life in red : memory of a memorable evening

Life in red is the little name that I attribute to my evening of Saturday, July 28th. I remember it was the race, that I did not stop for a second…That I had to finish the day with a shoot for OGGI that I could not finally realize because I was going to see a show and that I was mistaken in the hour! I did not have time to do this shoot.

For the curious ones, I went to see Maxime Gasteuil and I loved this moment. I laughed a lot, I managed to decompress on my day. At the end of the show, I wanted to extend the pleasure…You know this feeling when you’re just good and you do not want it to stop ? I did not want to go home, I simply wanted to enjoy the moment and life. After some exchanged messages, I found one of my acolytes of salsa, Driss, and we went for a drink in Le Petit Club, the private bar of La Favela Chic. I did not know the place and I found the place, the decor and the atmosphere quite nice (although the opinions on the place are mixed and must admit that the cocktails menu is a bit expensive for the neighborhood). The cocktail that I preferred is so life in red with its notes of red fruits…Yes, because the girl did not quietly stop to one drink. She was tempted by a second (on an empty stomach, it’s funnier!). We enjoyed a top musical selection, I felt like we were in a loft in Brooklyn during the 80s. I decided to dance and Driss was good to follow me in my wild madness ! We had the bar and the space for us, it was really enjoyable ! In short, dancing for hours, giggles, going home with the last metro and devour a dish of spaghetti at 2:30 am leave me a memorable memory of this evening.

Dress – Mademoiselle R / Sandals – Minelli / Jewelry – OGGI

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    Perfect pictures and perfect a woman.

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