Facial cleansing foam

I tested for you a facial cleansing foam from the brand Ellaro that I discovered recently. You know my addiction to foaming cleansers of all kinds ! However, I am more used to gel or cream textures. The foam has a playful side with a very cozy side.

Facial Cleansing Foam : How to choose it?

A “good” cleansing foam gently cleans and must not attack the skin. It does not dehydrate the epidermis because its composition always contains a moisturizing agent. The cleansing foam respects the skin and its balance. They can also protect against pollution when they contain antioxidant active ingredients that protect against external aggressions and free radicals.

Like all other skin treatments, it is important to adapt the product according to your skin type : dry, normal or oily. Also, target your purchase according to the use you want to make : clean the face and/or remove make-up.

Facial Cleansing Foam : Comforting and Revitalizing Foam from Ellaro

This facial cleansing foam is lightweight and perfect for an everyday use. Its composition is alcohol-free and soap-free. Its formula is enriched with mallow extract that makes the product very comforting and ultra soft.

Ellaro foam is suitable for normal and dry skin. Once used, the skin does not pull and is soft.

I use this product in the evening, in the shower, when removing makeup and skin cleansing. I like making small circular motions on wet face in order to evenly distribute the product and free the skin of all its impurities. I am surprised that such a light foam “breaks” the mascara. It allows me to remove most of the makeup I’m currently wearing. I just have to complete my routine with an “oily” eye makeup remover  to finish.

Once the face is rinsed, the skin is fresh and clean. I really adopted this product every day and I’m delighted with this discovery.

ELLAROComforting and Revitalizing Foam

Facial Cleansing FoamFacial Cleansing Foam


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