Lothantique Fragrances

I continue my discovery of Lothantique fragrances. I told you about it in the article “Home fragrances” in which I integrated a pillow mist in my bedtime routine.

Today, I’m exploring two ranges that I like to call Lothantique’s vintage. Their packaging has this retro touch, this touch that makes me think of products of ancient herbalism, which I love. This style gives a very deco and full of charm touch to the ranges.

These two ranges, les jardins d’Elisa and les secrets d’Antoine, are available both for oneself and for indoor perfumes.

Lothantique Fragrances: le jardin d’Elisa

Le jardin d’Elisa is a feminine fragrance that transports us to the fall of the night on the hill of Chateauneuf. A mix of white musk, discreet and sensual, will come gently your track or your home.

I immediately loved the fragrance sticks of the range. Its design is elegant and fits perfectly in my decoration. Its scent is delicate but very present and brings a touch that I find very cocooning.

The stems are charged by capillarity and spread the perfume by itself for three months.

The Eau de Toilette, meanwhile, a fairly pronounced track and slightly powdered for white musk. What I like to do is to perfume my clothes for a lighter print. If a stronger olfactory signature enchants you, spray the perfume about twenty centimeters away from the body, towards hot spots, such as wrists, neck, etc. (be careful not to rub the perfume).

Lothantique Fragrances: les secrets d’Antoine

Les secrets d’Antoine is a fragrance that can be described as more masculine but on which I had a real crush. I think this creation can please both women and men.

My bathroom (or rather, the shower area of ​​my little Parisian studio!) Welcomes the Marseille liquid soap which is a real delight with each use. Its scent is quite green, woody with a touch of spices that makes its use completely addictive!

The liquid soap is saponified with an plant based oil naturally rich in glycerine which makes the formula not at all drying. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily all over the body.

The other product of Antoine’s range secrets that I tested is the hand cream which is ultra thick and rich in organic shea butter (20%). Shea butter provides protection and a lot of softness. Again, delicately scented with this mix of woody notes and citrus, I integrated it into my decor with its nice aluminum tube to have always at the reach of hand.

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