Neomist Face formula cream serum

After testing the hands formula and the eyes formula, I only had the Neomist face formula. I recently discovered Neomist Spa where it is possible to realize its custom face formula.

Neomist Face formula cream serum

The innovation of Neomist is to have created a cream-serum formula combining the power of a cream and the intensity of a serum. It is a daily global anti-aging treatment for the face and décolleté. Its formulation is unique because it is sprayable. It offers a total and ultra-fast penetration deep in the epidermis thanks to Ultradrops®, micro-droplets loaded with active ingredients that literally melt in contact with the skin.

Neomist face formula restores firmness, radiance while reducing wrinkles. This treatment will also improve the hydration of the skin thanks to the boosted hyaluronic acid: it is the patented Hyalurogenic® effect of the brand.

Neomist Custom made face formula Bar-Lab Skin Rendez-Vous®

At Neomist Spa, the bar-lab laboratory of Skin Rendez-Vous® is accessible by appointment. During this meeting, we realize our customized face formula, adapted to the needs and expectations of our skin. After a diagnosis of the skin, the skincare is prepared in front of us. It is also possible to choose the perfume and the bottle – either a pipette or the spray.

Personally, I chose the spray because it is very practical and no other moisturizer has this specificity.

What I like about this custom product is that it fits perfectly to the needs of my current skin. For example, my T zone can very slightly shine during the day and with the custom formulation, we could include an action to rebalance my skin at this level without going for a skincare for oily skin (which would have unbalanced my skin). As it combines a serum and a cream, I finish with Neomist’s eye formula and my facial routine is complete. Two gestures, less layering, my skin is happy.

I like when technology comes into our bathroom to make life easier and get to the point. Thanks to Neomist and Brigitte for this wonderful discovery and her precious advice.

29, rue Notre-Dame of Nazareth
75003 Paris

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