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Home fragrances are here to create an identity and to make it rhythm with the tempo of each season. Spring is slowly starting to appear and to find it, when I go home, I like to adjust the fragrances inside.

Home fragrances: candles

Of course, candles are a must have to perfume your home. In addition to being a decorative object, the candles create a warm and cocooning atmosphere. For this season 2018, I composed a plate with fresh scents, green but also slightly tart.

L’Artisan Parfumeur recently launched its four seasons with four candles to punctuate our year. I was able to discover the candle, Le Printemps (Spring) which is very aromatic. There are notes of thyme flowers, rosemary, lentisque, myrtle and anise. It’s sparkling, daring and this creation marks a new beginning in the year. It is in an elegant two-tone black and green pot that the spring is expressed (the color inside changes according to the season).

The second on which I had a crush is a find that I made at FLEUX. This is a Danish brand that I did not know about Villa Collection. The candle that spoke to me the most is the Rain Forest Flower which is very fresh, delicate, feminine: like the drop of water that touches the flowers of the forest. Theplus is that the candles are made in handmade ceramics. Once the candle is consumed, we still have a beautiful pot with a unique style.

The last is a little memory that London. I had found a set of three Mini Spring Trio candles at Oliver Bonas and one of my favorites for this period is the Wild Primrose & Sweet Pea. I like to find the freshness of citrus (lime, orange, grapefruit) and the softer side of spices (cinnamon, clove). It’s enveloping just enough to say goodbye to winter.

Home fragrances: sprays

I sometimes use indoor perfumes as a diffuser or spray. However, I incorporated a new gesture into my bedtime ritual: a pillow mist. It is a little olfactory luxury that I like a lot and that transforms this moment into a real well-being ritual.

I recently discovered the Lothantique brand and especially its Marcel Pagnol range and more specifically the Manon des Sources line. The pillow mist gives me a touch of enchantment at bedtime with its notes of bergamot, poppy and sandalwood. The result is soft and relaxing.

I can not wait for Nature to come back to welcome the spring fragrances on every street corner! Yes, even in Paris, there are places where our senses can be transported.

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