Weekend in Marseille

In early January, I spent a weekend in Marseille. The desire to find the blue sky and leave the grey Paris for a few days was felt. Why Marseille? And why not? I did my last year of psychology study and did not return since then. I wanted to remember some memories and take the time to see this city that I only knew fleetingly during a year of college!

Weekend in Marseille: transportation

Unlike Toulouse which is a city in which I would like to go more often, the Paris/Marseille connection is done in less than 4 hours. It’s fast, convenient, and even economical so like me you book OUIGO tickets.

Once there, I advise you to find a rather central accommodation or with a metro or tram station nearby. Marseille is not the best city for public transport.

Weekend in Marseille: accommodation

On the occasion of this weekend, I opted for an Airbnb because it allowed me to have more flexibility and I did not necessarily want to take all my meals outside. I came across a very nice apartment, ten minutes walk from the Vieux Port. The place was perfect for a few days stay, quiet, nicely decorated – in short, the perfect little base!

I really like this hosting solution and the experience was again very conclusive!

Weekend in Marseille: food

Having rented an Airbnb, I had the opportunity to eat at home – which is much simpler when you are vegetarian or want to try to keep a gluten free diet!

On this weekend, I discovered the Café l’Ecomotive (next to the Saint Charles train station) which is a charming vegetarian canteen. There are old-fashioned furniture, a warm atmosphere and a very small menu of homemade dishes, very tasty.

I also made an infidelity to L’As du Falafel from rue des Rosiers to taste those from Au Falafel. I must admit that they were delicious and very fragrant! For the little anecdote: the restaurant in Marseille was also called the Ace Falafel but this could not be preserved because of the Parisian restaurant. The Ace of Falafel of Marseille was brought to modify a letter in order to be able to put an end to the story.

Weekend in Marseille: my program

My program was made to the feeling. I must admit that meeting up at the Saint Charles train station seven years later, seeing the building of my university, all of this had a strange feeling!
I took advantage of this weekend in Marseille to stroll, find the streets I borrowed at the time, etc. I surveyed the Vieux Port and all its adjacent streets that I knew by heart. I was ironed by the Panier, historic district of Marseille, where I lived. I also passed the Mucem (which reminded me of the experience of Masterchef…). I enjoyed the sea air and the blue sky – what did it do me good!

I also went to explore the route des Crêtes near Cassis. Too bad the weather was less lenient that day but the view is sublime. The walk is also aromatic between all the scents so specific to the region: Aleppo pines, thyme and rosemary bushes…A treat!

Marseille would not be Marseille without a touch of salsa since I practiced this dance with great teachers. I then told myself that I absolutely had to go dancing during this escapade. I spent the evening of Friday at the Afterwork Latino Café, located in the city center.

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week end Marseille


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