See life in pink

See life in pink, or how to enjoy a little each day in reality. I like to think that we are creators and that we have the power, the magic (Harry Potter’s fan obliges…) to transform the little things of everyday life. Sometimes I like to say that I sprinkle glitter on life. To preserve preciously the enchantment of childhood and to allow oneself to marvel at life, is my philosophy. And you, how do you make life a little more magical?

See life in pink: my identity

Pink is my color. It is an integral part of my life through lots of small touches like clothing, hair, etc. Generally, I’m spotted as the girl with the pink hair! I like to be noticed by this little something and I like to think that I color a bit the daily life of people who come across me. What is more flattering than to cheer up or inspire someone?

So for this month of January, I wanted to use the pink, the fuchsia to put the joy, light in this time all made of grey. I put on my shiny flats and beautiful accessories OGGI to brighten up Paris! To compliment my new favorite little black dress, we played with a declination of pink between blown glass earrings, a wool scarf, a star brooch and a beautiful pink ruby ​​snake ring.

See life in pink: my feminism

Being a girl and loving pink, there is no more stereotyped, right? And why not use the strongest codes to carry our voice and express the woman we are? Love pink, like to wear dresses, heels, stockings, etc. and all that could be described as ultra-girly or similar to the fantasmatic register of femininity would not be so strong elements of an assumed identity and feminism? I have the right to wear pants but I can choose between pants and a skirt. It’s about MY choice and not about society or the look of a part of it. I take my choices and do not compromise them – if they’re right for my soul, that’s all that matters to me.

Today we have the choice. The choice to be able to “do like” men. There is also this message through which one would have to be a man to be a woman … Plethora of articles, books appear on this subject and only hide the essence of the female being, which can characterize it and how each of us can build ourselves and live our being. Being female is a daily struggle and it is not recent news with #metoo or #balancetonporcs that will contradict this finding.As Simone de Beauvoir said, “you are not born as a woman, you become one.” There are no two identical paths and I would like there to be more sorority every day. I have already touched on this issue of the feminine from a personal point of view and I think that I would approach it a little more in future articles – in particular in relation to new practices that I integrated in my daily life.

So, I want to say to you: be you, be creative, magicians and let yourself live by what Nature has given us!

Dress – BURTON / Tights – WOLFORD / Flats – REPETTO / Coat – BURTON / Scarf – OGGI / Jewelry – OGGI / Handbag – MICHAEL KORS

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