2017 retrospective

First day of the year 2018 and the time comes to do the 2017 retrospective. Having an annual review has become a tradition on the blog. I reread the post I wrote in early 2017 called Dear 2017, I’m waiting for you to be sweet. I note that, in fact, I slowed down the rhythm on the blog, the videos have been more rare because a lack of time. “For lack of time”, I intend to devote time to something other than the blog. My life has been enriched by new perspectives that I did not necessarily think about. That’s what I find beautiful: allow yourself to be surprised!

2017 retrospective: new professional perspectives

I think this is the area that has moved the most in 2017. This challenge of my 30’s of doing a lingerie shooting for the blog has turned into something much more serious. One shooting led to three (with Chantelle, Art des Dessous, Un Amour de Lingerie) and one for Art des Dessous that shares one at a time the clichés took during this session of October (the backstages to discover here).

Thinking seriously about the prospect of being a model: an idea that had been planted by Ilan at the end of 2016 during my Photo-revelation shooting. It took few months of gestation for this project to become anchored and make sense in me. Today, I am 100% motivated towards this direction. I come to dream about a different professional future than being “just” a psychotherapist/blogger. It resonates with a thought that I had when I was a child where I said “I would do like Leonardo da Vinci“. Speaking in these terms, it meant to me that I would touch everything I wanted, that I imagined my life to be rich and full of adventure!

I did a first casting for an agency, then I spent one to participate in the fashion show against fatphobia organized by the City of Paris. I was taken and it was a lovely experience. Wearing a designer dress, learn the secrets of catwalk, get advice from Vincent Macdoom on the fashion world, meet Jes Baker…

Meanwhile, the Apparence agency in Lyon contacted me to propose to reference me in their agency.

2017 retrospective: beautiful encounters

My friend Caroline, my great Boaimes, who gave birth to a little boy, my nephew, who made explode my heart of joy.

New friendships were also born this year. The world of blogging can reveal very nice surprises and I fell in love with Charlotte from the blog La robe de mariée with which we share more than a common interest for this universe. A person to person connection and also, a mega crush on her little boy who melts my heart as well!

Always through this universe, subscribers or readers can become much more than usernames behind a screen. I am thinking in particular of Juliette and Suzy who are real glitters who came on my way! Thank you.

The “no chance” of life also made me discover new artistic and especially photographic horizons. A special thought to Marc who worked on my second lingerie shoot of the year: a moment where I learned a lot and where my artistic sensibility grew.

Connect to a Jewish association with the passion of salsa, Jewsalsa, with who I spent beautiful Sundays in Paris Plages. Explore my origins and my History while finding the pleasure, what do I say, the ecstasy!, to dance on furious rhythms. Connecting with new people, participate in moments with a collective…I said last Friday when I went to dance for the first time to the Pachanga (thank you Yoan for this evening added to to the list of 2017 memorable memories!): “fun is never overrated”. Thanks to David for being behind this project (and for promoting me Community Manager – another cap to juggle with).

Take an interest in the Universe, its planets, participate in a group of Lunar Abundance that teaches me a little more every day. Continue to connect with other women and especially continue this beautiful path (though sometimes not so easy) of self-knowledge and fulfillment.

The past that can come to tickle us again. To be more than surprised by what the Universe sends us but to welcome. Try to listen, digest, and move on.

2017 retrospective: travelling

In January, I fell in love with Amsterdam and the desire for this beginning of the year is to leave! I was delighted by its architecture, its atmosphere, its landscapes …

In May, I went to express mode in London with The Body Shop for their Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. An incredible experience in a city that I love with a brand that I adore! A chance and lots of fun!

In July, I went on an adventure in Morocco between Marrakech and Essaouira. An exotic trip that reconnected me with some of my North African origins. Again, touching encounters and especially being amazed.

In November, I discovered Geneva and Haute-Savoie. We ended up with my Boaimes and all his little family to celebrate our birthdays!

In short,

I have a lot of gratitude for this year that has passed. I have the impression of walking giant steps on giant steps. I look at how far I’ve come and say, “Wow, I learned and grew up!”.

I stored a lot of emotions, passions, experiences. I turned 30 yo, a lovely time. People have walked in my life (and others have left…). Life follows its cycle and I find it beautiful.

The word of the end that resonates most in me is just: Thank you !

For 2018…

My crazy touch wants to write to you that I just want to throw glitter on the world, to embrace who I am and being uncompromising, to continue to do what I love and make me vibrate, enjoy life, beinspired, grow, learn, explore, discover, share and especially love!

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