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Patrick Alès salon is a luxury parisian hair salon. It even celebrated its fiftieth birthday in 2017. Through his salon and the brands developed by his group, Patrick Alès wants to take care of women and their hair with “real” and natural products with as inspiration: plants and their assets.

Patrick Alès salon: a very parisian apartment

A few steps from the Champs Elysees, Patrick Alès salon welcomes us as if we were at home. Built like an apartment, the place extends over 350m² and hosts 14 hairdressers and 5 private cabins (called “VIP”). The salon is bathed in light and offers a magical view of Franklin Roosevelt Avenue. It is organized in several salons which makes it cozy and in which it is very pleasant to sail. The decoration is modern and elegant.

In addition to hair care, the salon offers all beauty treatments to best meet the needs of its customers. The salon also offers a catering service for appointments taking place on the meridian break so that the Parisian women in a hurry can recover their strength during a cut, haircare, etc.

The place is conveniently located, easily accessible by public transportation. The luxury plus is the valet service that the salon offers.

Salon Patrick Alès – 37 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue

75008 Paris – +33 1 43 59 33 96

 Patrick Alès salon: the natural beauty of hair

The Patrick Alès salon offers unique expertise based on natural herbal treatments. In 1969, Patrick Alès developed Phytosolba Laboratories and its Phyto line, then Secret Professionnel by Phyto, to treat and beautify the hair. Even today its products are bestsellers. I remember very well the fragrance of the Phyto shampoo that was in the bathroom when I was a kid. I grew up with these products and they are part of my memories.

The Patrick Alès salon therefore offers expert scissors, a sharp diagnosis of the scalp and the custom-made protocol that follows. The purpose natural haircare, essential oils and/or repairing poultices is to regenerate deeply the fiber of the hair and rebalance any hair disorder.

Patrick Alès salon: my experience

After a visit of the place, I was hosted by Lucile (and what was the probability of meeting a professional in the whole Paris who worked with one of my hairdressers whose I recommend so much the work – incredible, n ‘is this not?!).

I had the pleasure of settling in one of the private cabins. I felt like in a cocoon. Being able to isolate oneself really makes it possible to fully appreciate the care and especially to be “outside” for few hours from the Parisian pace.

Lucile performed the capillary diagnosis using a large microscope. Seeing its roots and scalp in close-up is an experience! My hair are healthy and although I color them (natural coloring), I’m careful about the products I use. On the other hand, the diagnosis was without appeal: my roots produce an excess of sebum and gives this “dirty” effect two days after having washed them.

Lucile offered me a detox protocol to purify the roots and deeply nourish my hair so that it regains shine and smoothness. She introduced me to Phyto Phytopolleine (no equivalent in the Secret Professionnel range) which is a botanical scalp treatment that stimulates the scalp. This product is applied by pipette at the roots. After a massage, Lucile used the Secret Professionnel by Phyto   Secret Botanique which is an elixir whose smell is very refreshing and gives this “pure” side to the experience thanks to its essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and cajeput. It soothes and cleanses the scalp while stimulating micro-circulation with its “icicle” effect. The application of the treatment has proved to be very technical. I noticed then that I often tend to go too fast and not to distribute optimally the products that I use. Then, I had the hair wrapped by a cotton band and a charlotte before going under a helmet releasing water vapor for about twenty minutes. This steam bath allows a better penetration of the assets of the product while bringing a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Then, time to rinse the care and I was installed in a great massage chair – as it said it was the foot! Finally, Lucile used products that are suitable for colored hair: the Shine and Color Shampoo and the Shine and Color Mask by Secret Professional by Phyto. To put the mask on, Lucile even wrapped my hair in a hot, damp towel. Once again, I really enjoyed: a real pleasure to relax completely.

After rinsing my hair, we went to blow dry. Result? Soft hair, shiny as ever. Although we have used several products rich in natural oils, the hair are absolutely not weighed down. On the contrary, the material is light, sublimated. I could not believe it! My color and my purple patina came out embellished and even if I’m in the fifth week post hairdresser. The scalp is purified and nourished, in short, a real cocooning session for our hair in a magical place.

Want to please your loved ones? Think of this type of beauty service that makes us feel so good both as the body and mind level!

A big thank you to the entire Patrick Alès salon team for their warm welcome and for this unique discovery!

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