Detox Delight: detox cure test

Detox Delight, two words that I discovered during the visit of the new beauty concept store of the Printemps.

Detox Delight has taken place at the level -1 of the Printemps de la Beauté to offer a space yummy and healthy area during our shopping session or between two appointments between hairdresser and manicure!

The Detox Delight concept

Detox Delight wishes to propose a food concept based on a vegetal diet, undergoing very little processing (unprocessed food), in order to be eaten raw or in the least altered possible forms in relation to their origin state.

Detox Delight takes the opposite side of the food industry and wants to offer a healthy diet in order to feel good and full of energy.

The recipes of Detox Delight are all based on ingredients 100% organic, vegan (no products of animal origin), gluten-free, no additives, no preservatives and non pasteurized.

Detox Delight Detox Cures

Detox Delight, in addition to offering you a way to eat healthier, also allows to have detox cures. These can last from a few days (3 days) to 14 days.

The cures can be only based on cold pressed juices, or mixed with juices and dishes for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Several options are available, which allows to adapt to the best of the desires of everyone.

My experience Detox Delight

I was able to test a 3 days cure with Detox Delight. My choice was a program with dishes for:

  • Breakfast,
  • Lunch,
  • a cold pressed juice (440ml),
  • a snack,
  • and dinner.

I like the good (and healthy) cooking and tasting their dishes seemed to me the best way to talk to you about the brand and the concept. Over 3 days, my goal was not to lose weight (for those who follow me, you know that I am the Weight Watchers program: more info here) but rather bring a little boost to my body which has been strained in recent times (sustained pace, fatigue, etc.).

My diet is already balanced and vegetarian, as well as mostly gluten free. I try as much as possible to consume raw foods that I process myself by cooking.

For these 3 days detox, I tasted two days the Clean Kitchen program by Thierry Marx and one day of Eat Clean.

The detox cure is delivered turnkey with dishes denominated with all the necessary information in order to follow at best every step of the cure. Everything is done to make our lives easier. As for the dishes, the observation is without appeal: extra fresh, prepared carefully and that give envy!

The products developed with both Thierry Marx and the Eat Clean range are refined. Vegan recipes are original, rich in super-food and very tasty. It also gave me ideas for new recipes to integrate with those I already have!

I enjoyed the preparations and even the juices. I am not very a juice person and those are really well balanced between fruits and vegetables. This was a real pleasure and discovery. The snacks were also delicious: green cabbage crisps with onion and cream (vegan) flavor and the Coco Choco Crips really helped me out throughout the day!

In conclusion, the concept of the brand pleased me. Basic products and ingredients are respected and Detox Delight wishes to highlight them both for their nutritional benefits and their taste values. As for the cure, I think that vigilance in the choice of products is necessary. By overlooking, the cure that I tested brings between 1200 and 1400 calories per day and for my rhythm of life and the activity that I lead, it was a little too low in calories. I had to eat more than the dishes of the cure otherwise I could never have held. This depends on your personal characteristics (age, weight, height and sex) as well as your lifestyle (I have my digital coach who calculates me daily my energy expenses).

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