Backstage of a lingerie photoshoot

Why posing in lingerie?

The project of a lingerie shooting started to grow in my mind last June. I like to challenge myself and I was (and always am) driven by the desire to go further in the exploration of photography, ody and (my) sensuality. All this is also part of a personal journey on womanhood that interest me both as a psychotherapist and in  other disciplines such as meditation, energetic, etc. and of course, about the passions I’m expressing on the blog and through my beauty coaching.

So, the idea was to create a shoot for the blog. Life and its “no by any chance” make that it’s not only one shooting I will realize by the end of the year but two! Cherry on the cake? I experienced my first Professional shooting with one of the two companies for wich I will took pictures. My participation in this photoshoot was organized at the last minute and when it was confirmed, I immediately thought to make you a post to tell you about the backstages and how I felt.

Art des Dessous, the art of plus size lingerie

The company for wich I was modeling is called Art des Dessous. I met Vanessa and Cécile, the founders, during the 2017 summer, for a private sale of lingerie and swimwear. I immediately adhered to their concept because their philosophy echoed my way of apprehending women and their multiple beauties. I will tell you more about them in the post dedicated to them!

Being a plus size lingerie model

Being the model for an afternoon was amazing. I felt in my place, in my element – in short, I was in a state of mind completely relaxed, stress free. I was more on a work of interpretation almost like acting and the desire of creating something beautiful. In the end, I was in a very playful mood, I realy enjoyed myself.

I didn’t know how I would feel about being in lingerie, all afternoon, outside my privacy. Even if the team was women only, I might have felt uncomfortable or embarassed but it was not the cas at all! Even between two takes, I never felt the need to cover my body. The lingerie was so pretty that I enjoyed the moment. I felt beautiful and sexy so why not let the team to benefit it as well?! We even have a little anecdote with the neighbor and I must say I’m laughing behind my screen!

Also, when I shoot, I usually take on the role of the photographer and the one of the model. I’m both focused on the settings and angles of shooting while being in the them I wish to illustrate. I’m having fun with myself, I’m searching for poses, the expressions. I’m testing and I’m testing myself within my limists. All this has taken a lot more since I experienced the Photo-Revelation at Happy Days Studio. Thanks to Ilan, I was able to touche the parts of my personality that I only guessed…I assume and I totally play the sensual and erotic side that are burning the flame of my soul. Now I have taken full powers and I love it!

I immediately felt at ease with the photographer, Céline Gruner. Natural, laughs and above all the desire to sublimate the woman have made this shooting a real moment of pleasure! I can tell you that I’m looking forward to discover the result.

In conclusion, this experience was surrounded with confidence and genuine care. My heart is swelling with gratitude to have been able to explore this artistic field from a point of view that tend to become professional. This confirms my desire to try the adenture as a model (again, I’m thinking about all those people I have met in the past few years and who have suggested me) a part of my Professional and artistic life.

If you don’t know it, I have combined the philosophy I wish to inspire with the words “Dare with freedom, be the heroine of your beauty.” In ordre to be able to pretend to transmit anything whatever the message, it’s necessary that its author should experience it and lvie it. With this shooting, I embraced it like never before! So, more than ever, I invite you to be who you are, to express it and above all to embody it, no matter what society refers us of any ideal. I want to tell you that we all are perfect in our perfect imperfection (otherwise, we would be bored!).

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