Agent Paper, the trendy paper decor

Agent Paper is a brand I discovered at a trade show and I thought this brand could please you as much as me. In addition, you know my passion for decoration and stationery, I could not miss this !

Agent Paper, the trendy paper decor

Agent Paper is an eco-responsible brand from France. I discovered this brand last fall at the Salon Créations et Savoir-Faire 2016. At the event, Agent Paper was looking for ambassadors and I have the pleasure of being able to discover and try their products.

I have always loved DIY and paper creations. I was immediately seduced by the concept of Agent Paper. It’s fresh, playful with the touch of humor required – in short, the Rennes company has everything to please.

Agent Paper sublimates the paper and its derivatives with among others decorative objectsstationerycards, etc. The brand currently has three stores: one in HonfleurRennes and Nantes  For the rest, the e-shop is very easy to use.

I was able to test several products and I love their paper animals. It’s very fun and trendy. An iconic piece? The Unicorn. My realization is not perfect because it took me a little practice to take the hand out of it but I am proud of the finish. I customized the product because the initial color was not in my home color schem. I used mint bomb paint, the same as that used for my Paravent Pastel.

I recently received a mint lampshadeA very fast realization and which allows to change in a blink of an eye its decoration.

I also have a passion for pretty cards. It is not unusual for me to buy it when a drawing, a word inspires me. This one is just super cute: it is a magic scratch card that allows to announce in a poetic way a news!

I hope this kind of products and style pleases you as much as I do. Do not hesitate to discover Agent Paper which offers a great offer of products, inspiration, both for its interior and to please your loved ones!

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