Happy birthday dear blog (+ giveaway)

Let’w blow together the third candle of the blog!

Exactly 3 years ago, I published my first post  on Marshmallowor(l)d. The beginning was a little shy…Then the weeks, months have passed and I can not imagine my life without it.

I wanted to achieve a special video. I had plenty of ideas for this year but for 2016, I chose the “simplest” because of a lack of time…Next year I will anticipate more!

Nevertheless, I wanted to share things that for me are the values ​on being a blogger during all the time I took my marks and I was learning (and I’m still learning).

For me, blogging means:

  1. Be passionate: it was my passion that made me click on the button “create a blog”…It took me several years before daring to blog about beauty and one day, the envy was too strong and exceeded the fears I had.
  2. Create: a blog imposes rhythmicity and creativity. Think content, visual aesthetics, etc. I learned all this over time as an autodidact. I find it fascinating to see the evolution and even reassuring that I’ve grown and nourished myself.
  3. To love what you do: In addition to passion, I think it’s important to love what you publish. I put myself continually in place of the reader and I wonder about the interest of the subject, advices and aesthetics. I must admit that as time passes, you become quite hard on yourself.
  4. Sharing with freedom: and I will add even respect. You can talk about anything, to touch more personal and intimate questions, everyone can do it with his/her own limits. I love having this freedom of choice and I am my only censure. The rules to which I confront myself are those I impose myself.
  5. To dare: the biggest challenge of all! The blog has allowed me to grow in different level and especially to know me better. Through the blog, I try to go out of my comfort zone more regularly and I might have been less willing to try without it. There are a few months, I never imagined that I would dare to take my picture in full parisian street for fashion posts!

A big thank you to you and I hope that we will have long and sweet years ahead!



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