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Jo Malone London surprises us once again with its new line The Herb Garden released a little before Spring. It happens to be an limited edition created by perfume master Anne Flipo, known for her creations of simple and natural fragrances.

The ambiance and atmosphere which enliven this new line are aromatic plants which are starting to play an important part in English meals. It lead Céline Roux, Director of Fragrances, to explore the use of these plants in perfumery.

The main notes which stand out are parsley, lemon thyme and sorrel which are in perfect harmony the brand’s spirit.

As I often say when I talk about Jo Malone, their approche is multisensory. Their creations always have me associating them to pictures, sounds and even very specifics flavors. With The Herb Garden, the brand solicits and awakens all of our senses.

Modelled on the English gardens, not perfect while being of an haronious richness, these fragrances reveal a strong temper, a spirit of diversity and draw our curiosity. The compositions are in now way formal or boring. They are sophisticated with a touch of nonchalance but most of all of natural, and above all of authenticity. Like advertising displays where we can see no model posing but instead a glowing lady with her gray hair and her hat.

For this special occasion, Jo Malone once again joined the gorgeous florist Lily Paloma, who I already mentionned in these articles : here and there. Their two worlds fit perfectly together and take us even more deeply into a bucolic and romantic out of time world.

The Herb Garden is composed of five fragrances, each one wearing its own signature : Sorrel and Lemon Thyme, Nasturtium & Clover, Lavender and Coriander, Carrot Blossom & Fennel and Wild Strawberry & Parsley.

The Herb Garden :  Sorrel & Lemon Thyme

Bubbly and refreshing, Sorrel & Lemon Thyme’s top notes would be lemon, bitter orange and the petitgrain bringing out a fresh and juicy side to the mix. In the heart, we find sorrel, lemon thyme and rosemary which dive us into a green freshness. As a base note, we have geranium leaves, light and stylish ending the fragrance with green and floral touches which echo the vitality of lemon thyme.

Sorrel & Lemon Thyme drag us to the scrubland, the sounds of the cicadas, the scents of citrus and Mediterranean aromatic plants. The sun carresses my skin and it’s happiness.

The Herb Garden : Nasturtium & Clover

This composition is the lightest of the line. Its top note is fresh clover with get richer with the rocket and its pepper notes, as well as from lemon which always makes it bubbly. In the heart of this fragrance, nasturtium or watercress injects another touch of pepper and greenness full of elegance. The base – the intensity of woody vetivergives depth to the composition and sweet warmth in which we irresistibly want to snuggle up into.

The Herb Garden : Lavender & Coriander

I think that, contrarily to the other ones, Lavender & Coriander is the strongest composition from The Herb Garden. The fragrances opens with some notes of coriander, very fresh and unique. Then, the association of English lavender (heart note) and French lavender (base note) give strength to the perfume. English lavender is known to be a light florality while French lavender increases the mix. We find sage, earthy and woody and the tonka bean, which unexpected, bring sensuality and richness.

The Herb Garden : Carrot Blossom & Fennel

A fresh and subtly sweet association creates Carrot Blossom & Fennel. Fennel opens the dance : herbaceous and sweet. The heart gives us a taste of carrot not yet ripe, recently collected, as well as rose water and orange blossom water which enhance this sweet tenderness. This floral lightness is raised by powdery notes of irish coming out at the end. As a base, one of the most noble of ingredients in perfumery : orris, which is iris roots. The iris, addictive and irresistible, masculine and feminine duality, brings woody, flowery notes and above all, an extreme sophistication.

The Herb Garden : Wild Strawberry & Parsley

Delicious and vegetal, Wild Strawberry & Parsley opens with notes of green and peppery flat parsley leaves. Tomatoes green leaves, together with parsley, give a subtle aniseed note. Wild strawberry in the heart, juicy, a bit sweet, blends with blackcurrant for an extreme delicacy. As base note, the underwood drowns us in notes of foam, earth and galbanum. We also find violet which carries us to luxurious underwoods at morning dew time. The result is delicious and tasty while remaining very herbal. I feel as if I was walking in the alley of a secret garden.

To my biggest surprise, Wild Strawberry & Parsley diametrically transforms on the skin. At first I only smelled parsley. But with the body warmth, something almost hypnotic happens. A very interesting fragrance !

In conclusion…

I find this line very well done and totally gorgeous. Five new fragrances which transport us to another universe with sensuality and an imagination close to Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter’s tales and Jane Austen’s novels. Jo Malone’s sober bottles dress up with shades of green and delicate branches with a chic British look.

I’m sure you know I fell for this line and making a choice was not easy. To be honest, three of these fragrances bewitched me : Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, Nasturtium & Colver as well as Carrot Blossom & Fennel. In the end, I added to my collection two out of the three which got me hooked : Sorrel & Lemon Thyme for its warm sourness and Nasturium & Clover for its savage delicateness.

Translation  Support by @SylvaineCMArt

Jo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb Garden
Jo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb Garden
Jo Malone The Herb GardenJo Malone The Herb Garden


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