Un amour de lingerie: the parisian art of lingerie

Talking about lingerie on the blog is something I really like and today, I’m sharing my experience in Paris. Since I’m close to the capital, I do not have a dedicated lingerie shop. I often do my  lingerie shopping in department stores combining several brands that I am used to. I know my size, my style and I do not necessarily take a step outside my comfort zone. In my very first blogpost about plus size lingerie, I told you about my memory of having pushed the door of a lingerie shop, with a “real” corsetiere, which turned this moment into a ritual of passage. I recently discovered a boutique in this spirit in the heart of Paris and I had a real crush on this place.

Un amour de lingerie: the parisian art of lingerie

Un amour de lingerie is a shop located at 80 rue Montmartre, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Its pink facade catches the eyes and barely walked in through the door, a plethora of lingerie, nightwear in beautiful materials such as silk and lace, collanteries, swimsuits,…are available to us. Un amour de lingerie offers models ranging from cap B to H with very beautiful brands like Chantelle, Simone Pérèle, Lise Charmel, Éprise, Wacoal, Freya, etc.

Martine, the founder, is a true fairy who knows her job perfectly. At a glance, she analyzes your morphology, the shape of your chest to propose the most suitable models. The experience is intimate, personalized and I received valuable advice! Moreover, Martine has even shattered my a priori about some models – including those “cocked” who after fitting, completely lift the chest and do not make it bigger than it can already be. This confirms that, beyond having a nice outfit, the choice of underwears greatly influence a figure and how clothes fit.

To quote Martine: “The assurance of a woman, in all circumstances, includes the comfort and elegance of her underwear.”

Un amour de lingerie: choosing plus size lingerie

The model that Martine advised me comes from  Chantelle. This is a slightly retro set in its cut that goes to the basics and with its high waisted panties. I discovered a range of Chantelle brand that I did not know. This is the Seductive Lift range that wants to combine support and seduction.

The specificity of these models is to adapt to the deep cups in order to bring the comfort and the necessary support. That’s why we find four seams at the bra. This helps to better envelop the breast while having a smoothing effect.

This set is resolutely modern. We are in a lovely fabric, very pleasant and light to wear combining beige and black. Besides, the style reminds me of Chantal Thomas. The black lace, openwork, creates a beautiful effect of transparency and attracts the eye. The geometry becomes a little hypnotic on the chest. What I like is the fact of no longer having the sensation of wearing a bra. The Seductive Lift model becomes like a second skin and comfort is really there.

Obviously, I love the high-waisted panties perfectly highlights the body. The front is made of the same design as the bra, and the back is sober – all in black. The panties are almost gaining because the fabrics that compose it are more “resistant” – an additional ally to dress up your body in the blink of an eye!

This set that makes me discover a different style from the one I usually wear. I am delighted to have discovered Martine’s boutique. If you are in the Paris or in the suburb, I invite you to discover this place: it’s a real pleasure!

Collaboration with Un amour de lingerie (product gifted)

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