Beauty Wave, the cleansing oil from LABOTE

Cleansing oils are extremely trendy skincare products. I used it often until I suffered from peri-oral dermatitis. Nevertheless, in my recent article, Peri-oral Dermatitis: advices and treatments, I  talked about a new cleansing oil I tested that did not interfere with the balance of my skin. This is the cleansing oil from LABOTE.

Beauty Wave, the cleansing oil by LABOTE

LABOTE recently launched a new product: the Beauty Wave, a floral infusion, double cleanser.

Its formula is inspired by the composition of our hydrolipidic film for a gentle, deep cleansing that respects the nature of the skin. As for the other products of the brand, after the diagnosis with a doctor in pharmacy, the Floral Infusion is freshly formulated and custom made in the laboratory of the shop 11 rue Madame, Paris 6th. On a base of camellia oil, the formula is personalized with an active ingredient (hibiscus, magnolia or green tea) and petals that will infuse into the product (blueberry or Damas rose).

The customization goes as far as the fragrance of the product. Two fragrances are available for which the intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted. Finally, you just have to choose the color of the label.

The price of the Beauty Wave is 28€ for 100g of product.

Beauty Wave, how to use it?

On a dry face, apply 3 to 4 drops of cleansing oil. Gently massage the product taking the time to “break” the makeup at eye level. Add a little water to finish the cleaning with a small face brush (I use the Tosowoong or squares of washable cottons). Rinse the face thoroughly: the oil is transformed into a more milky formula that perfectly eliminates makeup and impurities.

Beauty Wave, my opinion on the cleansing oil from LABOTE

My Beauty Wave has been enriched with magnolia which is antioxidant and soothing. The selected petals are Damas Rose, regenerating and revitalizing. In short, a cocktail to take care of my sensitive and reactive skin.

What I like about this product is its formula. Unlike many cleansing oils or balms that I used previously (and which I no longer have the right to serve me), the Beauty Wave has a formula that leaves no greasy film on the skin. Even in terms of its texture, camellia oil absolutely does not suffocate the skin while perfectly cleansing the skin. Efficiency is really at the rendez vous.

The skin is clean, fresh and most importantly, it does not pull after makeup removal. I am happy to be able to reuse this type of formula and I look forward to seeing the effects of active and petals through a little more use.

La peau est propre, fraîche et surtout, elle ne tiraille pas après le démaquillage. Je suis ravie de pouvoir réutiliser ce type de formule et j’ai hâte de voir les effets des actifs et pétales par une utilisation un peu plus poussée.

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