Soyez l’Héroïne de votre Beauté

Je reprends avec vous ma philosophie et ma passion de la beauté.

Let’s talk about my philosophy and my passion about beauty (english version below).

In today’s video, I wanted to take the time to share my philosophy especially because the new design of the blog just launched.

I started to blog about beauty because I’m completely passionate about it and I always wanted to share about this subject.

Today, I really want things to stand out and be sure all the people coming here – « old » or more recent readers know more about me and my interests.

You can buy make-up, skincare, etc. But you can’t buy beauty, well-being. We can « only » grow, share and transmit them.

With Marshmallowor(l)d, take the power back and be the shining star of your beauty. Don’t forget that the products are just accessories. They exist to give an extra something to us.

So welcome aboard for this adventure where beauty becomes an experience, a journey but not the final destination.

Lots of love,



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