Organizing a wardrobe in a parisian flat

Organizing a wardrobe in a Parisian flat can be a challenge. Indeed, the lack of space and the configuration of the rooms are sometimes limiting. I share my tips and tricks to optimize your dressing area.

Organizing a wardrobe in a Parisian flat

Depending on your accommodation, you will either have the opportunity to organize a wardrobe in an integrated closet or by investing in a wardrobe or create your own modular walk-in as there are many now.

Personally, my apartment was fitted out a cupboard that I invested for my wardrobe. To organize a wardrobe, it is essential to have :

  • shelves and
  • a rail to suspend the things that need to be on hanger.

Once you have modulated these two elements, you can build your space and store your belongings.

Organizing a wardrobe : optimize the storage

In order to better organize your wardrobe, you have to think about uniformity to promote ergonomics and visual joy when we open the cupboards.

The optimization will go through :

  • the uniformity of the hangers : investing in solid and quality hangers to better preserve your clothes will be a real plus and can even be a pleasure ! Avoid laundry hangers that quickly deform and don’t take care of your clothes. Personally, I bought wooden hangers from IKEA, as well as skirt hangers. The other hangers I own are solid hangers that I picked up when I was working in the Burton of London stores. For now, I keep them but it is possible that over time, I replace them with another model. I also thought about the multi use hanger that allows me to hang my stoles and other scarves. This type of suspension can also be used for belts, etc.
  • storages in boxes or baskets : if the shelves are missing, this will be the most practical solution. Indeed, having tall piles of clothes is the insurance to be with a messy closet and without visibility.
  • the investment of the doors of your closet : if like me, your dressing is in a built-in cupboard, it is sometimes possible to use the doors to organize some items. For example, I added two screws (the hooks did not go in terms of thickness) to suspend my hats. It’s practical and pretty ! If you have uniform doors (not like mine), the hanging hooks on the top of the door will also be a solution to hang some handbags, scarves, etc.

I wish you a good organization of your wardrobe !

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