Body Yogurts The Body Shop: the new yummy hydratation routine

Summer is coming and a new range is coming to one of my favorite brands! This is the Body Yogurts The Body Shop which is a new hydration routine that resonates with yumminess in my ears!

Body Yogurts The Body Shop: the new yummy hydration routine

The Body Shop is known for its famous body butter, a best seller, a favorite product that has followed me for years…Today the brand wants to renew itself and offer a new gesture of daily hydration. Indeed, our lives are very full and many women confess not to go through the hydration step in the morning because this gesture can be long, a little tedious while the only desire is to think efficiency when waking up.

Body Yogurts therefore propose a new texture: an ultra-refreshing gel-cream formula that penetrates instantly and even on wet skin! Did you say “efficiency”? The Body Shop did it!

Body Yogurts have a 100% vegan formulation, paraben free, mineral oil free and are suitable for sensitive skin. They include hyaluraunic acid from biofermentation and almond milk to keep the skin well hydrated throughout the day.

Six fragrances compose the Body Yogurts range for the moment: mango, moringa, English rose, strawberry, coconut and almond milk and honey. A limited edition banana is also available.

You can already find them in shop or online at a price of 10€ 200ml.

Body Yogurts The Body Shop: my opinion

Even in a hurry, I never skip the hydration step because I have a skin that needs and claims its dose of moisturization! I was nevertheless delighted to discover this new range because between body butters in winter and body sorbets in summer, The Body Shop had no intermediate range in terms of texture and especially with an ultra fast application.

I really like the formula which is very silky and fresh and indeed, the hydration of the body has never been faster with the Body Yogurts! I know they will accompany me all summer – if not more.

The fragrances on offer cover both aficionados of fruity (mango, strawberry), natural (coconut, almond milk and honey) and floral (moringa, rose of England) notes. I hope The Body Shop will expand this range with other flagship fragrances such as shea butter, silver oil, clementine, etc.

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